Meet the Team

It is always great to put a face to the name so here are just some of our amazing cleaners and supervisors. I am looking to grow Superclean as a brand and to do that the cleaners I employ have to be top of there game. Here are some of the best cleaners around.

Neil Teasdale

Cleaning Extraordinaire
Managing Director


Area Coordinator
Redditch and surrounding areas


Area Coordinator
Solihull and surrounding areas


Redditch and surrounding areas


Having spent many years working around the country in various event venues and have stayed in lots of hotels. It always amazed me how dirty these places can be. Quite often the cleaning department are totally under invested in and are seen as non-profit making departments. This is very short-sighted in my opinion. Complaints regarding cleanliness costs businesses in both financial terms and reputation. New statistics suggest that up to 69% of British workers believe that their workplace is at risk of being a Health and Safety hazard whilst 20% claim to have been hospitalised after becoming sick. Companies need to change their attitude when it comes to workplace cleanliness.

What makes us different?

  • All staff are trained.
  • We follow Health & Safety Guidelines.
  • Everyone is DBS checked.
  • Customer follow-ups are always carried out.
  • We only use the best equipment.



Neil Teasdale

Head Honcho

Cleaning Extraordinaire

(General Dogs Body)

My aim is to build a company that covers the whole of the UK. I want to do this by continuing to grow the business by building on the excellent reputation for reliability and professionalism that we currently have, as well as continuing to impress with the exceptional eye for detail that we possess. This can only be achieved by training and continually inspecting that all the high standards are being delivered.

I would also like to try to achieve a workforce which is made up of over 50% military veterans. As a veteran myself, I know how difficult it can be during the transition to civilian life. Especially with those that suffer due to military injuries, both physical and mental. I have pledged our support by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. If you know a veteran looking for employment, then we would like to talk to them.

“If it’s not clean then we’ve not finished.”

My Story

As an ex-Army member, I have have many years of cleaning experience to fall back on and if there is one thing I can guarantee is that it will ALWAYS be top notch. All of my staff have been trained to my exacting standards and I will not tolerate anything less than the best for my customers.

Why cleaning you may ask? After leaving the forces I became a valeter with years of experience cleaning cars at international motor shows such as Geneva, Frankfurt, Barcelona etc. My biggest customer was MG Rover, unfortunately when they went into liquidation it resulted in the end of my motor show work. I then moved on to become a Site Services Manager for large company where I was responsible for the cleaning, maintenance & looking after the documentation for external audits.

So after 10 years experience in the the cleaning industry I decided to breakout on my own and started Superclean Property Services UK.


Office 4, Excalibur Serviced Offices
Securehold Business Centre
Studley Road
B98 7LG


(0044) 01527-906406


M – F : 8am–5pm

Sat : Closed

Sun : Closed

We do complete contract work outside these hours to support business requirements, these times will be agreed with the individual customer.

At Superclean we adhere to all Health and Safety precautions and are fully insured.